Helium API



Introduction To RexyTheBot - The Helium API

Hello and welcome to yet another Helium blog! I made this blog to complement one of the Internet of Things (IOT) fastest growing network, the Helium (HNT) cryptocurrency! The Helium API documentation can be found here:


But it has it's limitations. Over here we will supplement these limitations.

Run a "name" query to list all global hotspots that contain the name string e.g "dragon", "chipmunk", "raccoon".

Or run a "geocode" query to list all hotspots specific to that geocode string e.g "berlin", "usa", "elm street".

And much more!

What you should already know about Helium API

This blog will explain how to run queries and obatin information on the existing Helium network; including hotspot and account details.

The hotspot details include the following parameters:

  • Name
  • Geocode (Location)
  • Address
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Timestamp_Added
  • Status
  • Reward_Scale
  • Payer
  • Owner
  • Nonce
  • Mode
  • Location_Hex
  • Location
  • Last_POC_Challenge
  • Last_Change_Block
  • Gain
  • Elevation
  • Block_Added
  • Block

  • The account queries will return the following data:

  • Address
  • Staked_balance
  • Nonce
  • Balance
  • Sec_balance
  • Block
  • Dc_nonce
  • Dc_balance
  • Sec_nonce
  • Mobile_balance
  • Iot_balance

  • Each hotspot/account is designated with an "address" that is static. An example of an address is "11vG2tfcFjSg3pJvZgNTQWYKtVfoH8BeYfi6ygmXGeDuCRCzuT4". It is the only parameter that hotspot queries and account queries have in common. We can use these addresses to find out it's hotspot and account details as described later in this blog.

    Helium API Query - Name

    To run a query and find all global names that contain the string "dragon" for example, execute the API call with the following:


    Of course you may try any other string aside from "dragon".

    For names that contain multiple words, include a "-" for example "feisty-beige":


    Helium API Query - Geocode (Location)

    To execute an API call for a specific location, say to find all hotspots in "berlin" use the following:


    If the geocode includes a space, no problem:

    http://www.rexythebot.com:3000/geocode/san francisco

    Helium API Query - Duplicates

    To run a query and find all DUPLICATE names i.e 2 or more, execute the API call with the following:


    Helium API Query - Owners with Multiple Hotspots

    To run a query and find owners with more than 1 hotspot (descending order), execute the API call with the following:


    Helium API Query - Owner

    To return details for a specific owner, say for the owner "13qSBpq4SttoMkMtFLgJUt5MtYijAjsT1HYPE7yCJUswyyue9aG" use the following:


    Helium API Queries - Address

    We can also run address queries and return hotspot and account data.

    To run a hotspot query from an address, for example "117ftTHR6pNg6hCSzMtatL6XCppBqSiW8ajLBsdTT82RcxG72nF", execute the following API call:


    Similarly, to run an account query on an address, for instance "1335kMcTiC4A39XxvhyUS3aJHbX1jn1YgJMPuFJ6Hfr1qVakw7i", execute the API call: