Helium API


Hello and welcome to yet another Helium blog! I made this blog to complement the Helium Documentation specifically the APIs:


Here, run a "name" query to list all hotspots that contain a name string e.g "dragon", "chipmunk", "raccoon".

Or run a "geocode" query to list all hotspots that contain a geocode string e.g "berlin", "usa", "elm street".

What you should already know

This blog will explain how to run queries and obatin information on the existing Helium network that includes all parameters:

  • Name
  • Geocode (Location)
  • Address
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Timestamp_Added
  • Status
  • Reward_Scale
  • Payer
  • Owner
  • Nonce
  • Mode
  • Location_Hex
  • Location
  • Last_POC_Challenge
  • Last_Change_Block
  • Gain
  • Elevation
  • Block_Added
  • Block

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    About The Helium API

    Helium (HNT) is a cryptocurrency tied to Helium's revolutionary approach to telecommunication infrastructure, which uses blockchain as its backbone to construct a distributed network of nodes of low-powered wireless devices that are linked together and allow data transmission. In principle, any personal computer, laptop, or smartphone can run the application and join the network, earning HNT Tokens and data credits based on the amount of data transmitted. The distinctions between a "conventional" telecom infrastructure based on dedicated cell towers is apparent. At first look, Helium appears to be taking a pure "internet of things" approach, relying on a potentially infinite supply of small nodes that are connected to one another, with the potential to become the "biggest cellular network in the US," as Helium CEO Amir Haleem declared on Twitter. While having the largest network in terms of nodes and distribution does not equal actual geographic coverage due to the limitations of low-powered wireless devices, Helium is attracting venture capitalists and professional investors who are participating in the initiative's founding. The Helium cryptocurrency, which is available for trading on exchanges like Binance, FTX, and others, has experienced an incredible run in its price, from $0.25 in mid-2020 to $1.18 at the beginning of 2021 and then shooting up to its highest valuation so far at $55.22 in November 2021. That is a whopping 2645 percent run!

    The Helium API will help analyze the network's tremendous growth using modern tools and artificial intelligence!

    API Query - Name

    To run a query and find all names that contain the string "dragon" for example, execute the API call with the following:


    Of course you may try any other string aside from "dragon".

    API Query - Geocode (Location)

    To execute an API call for a specific location, say to find all hotspots in "berlin" use the following:


    API Query - Duplicates

    To run a query and find all DUPLICATE names i.e 2 or more, execute the API call with the following: