Secondly, we have the accounts table. This tables comprises of the following parameters:

  • Address
  • Staked_balance
  • Nonce
  • Balance
  • Sec_balance
  • Block
  • Dc_nonce
  • Dc_balance
  • Sec_nonce
  • Mobile_balance
  • Iot_balance

  • Note

    The "address" parameter in the accounts table above is equivalent to the "owner" parameter in the hotspots table.
    That means, the address "13qSBpq4SttoMkMtFLgJUt5MtYijAjsT1HYPE7yCJUswyyue9aG" as in accounts table above, is present in the hotspots table but as the "owner" parameter.

    Don't worry too much about it. Our queries below will automatically handle this for us :)

    Helium API Query - Owner Financials

    We can run queries on an owner and return their financial data.

    To run the query on owner "1335kMcTiC4A39XxvhyUS3aJHbX1jn1YgJMPuFJ6Hfr1qVakw7i" for example, execute the following API call: